Small loan for pensioners.

Ideal for pensioners

Ideal for pensioners

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Consumers perceive a loan of a small amount as a small loan, financial institutions also use this loan partly for low loan amounts, but partly as a general synonym for consumer loan. In addition to the recipients of retirement income from the statutory pension insurance, recipients of a disability pension are also among the pensioners.

The small bank loan for pensioners

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In many cases, the household bill shows that an old-age pensioner can properly repay his small loan for pensioners. In addition to the pension from the statutory pension fund, receiving a development pension (Riester pension) is widespread, and more and more people are receiving payments from a company pension scheme. The recognition of the private supplementary pension for the household bill is inconsistent since it is often paid out every two or three months and is therefore not considered a regular income for all credit institutions.

Recipients of low pensions with additional income from private pension insurance choose a credit bank as their counterparty for their small loan for pensioners, whose household account also takes into account fixed income that is paid out at monthly intervals. Recipients of an invalidity pension are more dependent on the valuation of their private pension insurance than retirees, since the low amount of their pension makes it difficult to take out bank loans.

The reluctance of lending to retirees to retire more than on retirement income is due to the risk of default from the death before full repayment. The likelihood of a loan being rejected for reasons of age can be reduced by the customer securing the small loan for a pensioner with residual debt insurance. Alternatively, the surety is possible through the later heir, this will be recognized by the case law despite the emotional bond if the surety amount is covered by the expected inheritance.

A private small loan at retirement age

A private small loan at retirement age

A sensible alternative to a bank loan is the private small loan provided for retirees via a placement platform. For legal reasons, a licensed commercial bank acts as a formal lender on the relevant platforms. This bank is also responsible for the practical processing and thus guarantees the anonymity of the users among themselves.

The private lenders registered on the respective platform make the actual decisions regarding the granting of small loans. These are open to a small loan for retirees, since many members put social criteria in the foreground when granting loans and consciously support projects that are difficult for bankers to get a small loan from banks.